The Hotel

Our wish to offer a different holiday option, something that would stand apart from the standardized large tourist units,  led us to create a new chapter in the hospitality industry

A Real Village: The Small Village 

Spread over an area of 20.000 square meters of enchanting natural environment – free of any essential intervention – in Mastichari of KOS island.

The philosophy of our creation is for the resident of this village to feel the atmosphere of a village, to live and savor nature and, if he so wishes, to participate in rural approaches to daily activity without having to forgot the comforts of modern living.

The building structures stand on seven asymmetrical levels staring at the Aegean Sea with a Magnificent view of Kalymnos Island.

It comprises of 3 neighborhoods, with independent residences resting among gardens and connected by stone paths.

At the construction phase we paid particular attention to maintenance, protection and preservation of the natural environment and wild life. All preexisting arkeuthos trees – a species of cedar that thrives only in Kos – were left intact.

The Architecture is in complete harmony with the environment proposing only to add a pleasant and cheerful note to the landscape.

The region’s ancient name is Kyparissos and is full of herbs. It is believed that in antiquity Hippocrates initiated his students at Kyparissos following a particular ritual. In any case, one thing is certain: the locale inspires special sentiments.

You will surely be refreshed and enjoy a walk among the lush,especially since the area is a wildlife sanctuary.